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5 December 2019
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Wave Energy Scotland Annual Conference 2019

Welcome to

Wave Energy Scotland Annual Conference 2019

Come to hear our latest programme news and network with participating companies.

To maximise networking opportunities your b2match profile will be visible to other participants and people looking at the WES annual conference registration website. By registering to this event you agree to this arrangement.  If you do not wish to have your profile visible to the others, please contact us and we will update the setting. 

WES will have photographs taken of the event for our own use. Let us know if you wish to be excluded specifically from these.

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Location Edinburgh International Conference Centre
Organised by
United Kingdom 199
Netherlands 3
Belgium 2
Ireland 2
Sweden 2
Italy 2
United States 2
Germany 1
Nigeria 1
Total 214
University 46
Company 126
R&D Institution 6
Project Development 3
Authority/Government 12
Business/ Finance 1
Independent person 5
Other 9
Equipment Manufacturer 6
Total 214